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Tools of Data Science (G7, W7, M7)

This page is a memorandum of my idea.

I arranged G7, W7 and M7 as basic tools of Data Science . The original idea of these tools is from " Seven QC Tools and New Seven QC Tools " (Q7 and N7).

G7 and W7 are for beginners. M7 is for middle class users.


"G" of G7 is "Graphs of Numbers". G7 is similar to Q7 .

Stratified Sampling is also useful in G7


"W" of W7 is "Analysis of Words". Most of W7 are Concept Analysis .

Why-why Analysis is a basis of concept analysis

W7 analyze the struture of phenomena as levels or networks. The idea to think the structure is also useful in G7 and M7.


"M" of M7 is "Mathematical Analysis".

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