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Heat Map

Heat Map is the graph that uses colors to show the numbers in the table.

Use of Heat Map

Heat Map is used in various ways.

To Show Large Data Table

The tabel below is the part of 1000-10 size table. We cannot see full of them.
Heat Map

Heat Map for this table is below. The left side is made by seaborn . The right side is made by R (code is below).
Heat Map Heat Map

Colors shows numbers of the table.

If the line up of data has the meaning of space or time, heat map could be the Graph for Change .

To Show Multi Dimensional Data

If the table is the multi dimensional data. heat map is the multi dimensional graph. Generally, 3-dimension is the limit of graphical way. But heat map shows more than 3 dimension easily.

In this way, heat map can be used for the method of Correlation Analysis for Multi-Variable .

To Show 3-Dimension Data

Heat map is used to show 3-dimension data using "X : Column, Y : Row, Z : Color".

To Show 2-Dimension Data

If we make frequency or density data by the range in the X and Y, heat map is used as Histogram of 2D. And it covers the weakness of 2-Dimension Scatter Plot .
Heat Map 2-Dimension Scatter Plot


Example of R is in the page, Standard graph function of R , .

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