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About This Site

This site explains Data Science. It is useful in the fields of Environment and Quality fields. I write not only scientific explanation but my opinions. Section 1 is for general methods. Section 2 is for partial methods of Environment , Quality , Risk and Management .

I made this site. There are three purposes.

This site deals with first steps for each field because I am not a specialist for each of them.

I believe relations and links of each fields are important to face with environmental problems. So this site emphasizes relations and links. And I believe this is the style of total science.


My name is Tetsuro SUGIHARA. I studied physics in a university. Especially, First Principle ("ab initio") calculation for solid state physics (Master's degree : 2002).

Then I was assigned to Process Analysis for Reasoning and system making in the first company. Then I was assigned to research and planning the management for Environmental Laws, Energy and Trash in the second company. I am in the third company now.

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Most of references are written in Japanese. In Japanese version of this site, there are introductions of references. There are about 800 books.

Only the pages, Books of Environmental Economics , Urban Geography , Corporate Value and TQC, TQM, Six-Sigma and Others , there are references in English.

Background Design

I use Japanese traditional "Sippou" design as a background picture. "Sippou" is "sichi" and "pou". "Sichi" is seven in Japanese. And "Pou" is treasure in Japanese. "Sippou" has meaning, "widen and join harmony". I hope that this site will be like sippou.

By the way, "Sippou" has some kinds. In this site, the design is "hosi-sippou". "Hosi" is a star. "Hosi-sippou" looks like double-bonding structure between atoms. Or looks like crystal structure. Because of my history, I love this design.

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