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Environment and Quality

Both words, "Environment" and "Quality" are used in various views. I organize the "various views" in this site as Environmental Study and Quality Study .

By the way, in the causes of Environmental problems , there are problems of manufacturing. For example, toxicity of products is a problem.

The relationship between environmental study and quality study is the important theme for environmental problems. I named this site Data Science for Environment and Quality because I do not explain those studies separately.

Environmental Economics is a key factor for the development to study the relationship between environmental study and quality study. In this site, pages of Quality for Environment , Environmental Accounting and Process Control of Quality Engineering deal with such relationship.

Risk study

Risk is a common idea of environmental study and quality study because both studies want to deal with unexpected troubles.

"Probability" is common mathematical idea.


Management moves the company totally and efficiently.

Management System is the system to control the company efficiently and totally. Especially, manufacturing companies need environmental system and quality system. Both systems have peculiar ideas. But main frames are almost same.

Target of this site

By the way, in these fields conclusion is made of data. There are subjective and objective views in complicated and huge data.

For example, when someone suggests a plan to build big building, opposite opinions occur. Both side may have data for its conclusion, and fight with the data. I hope conclusion is good for another people including people in the future.

For such purpose, keeping objective view is important. It is Data Science in this site.

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