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Financial Analysis

Especially large companies make reports on final accounts. "Financial Analysis" is a tool to analyze these reports.

In Financial Analysis, indexes of profitability, growth, productivity and stability are used. There are about 70 indexes.

Indexes of Financial Analysis

Indexes of Financial Analysis are rates. Two numbers in the reports are used.

First Step of Financial Analysis

One data has little information. We get much information from more than two data of different companies or different pereods.

This is similar to Control Chart in Quality Control .

The data, itself, does not tell us the reason of phenomena. But change of the data tells us hints of the reason.

Environmental Accounting

Environmental Accounting is studied the way of companies to deal with environmental problems. It deals with the costs related with environmental problems. For example, saving energy, design of environmental friendly products and environmental education.

Environmental Accounting will change into CSR accounting because CSR includes the action to prevent environmental problems.

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