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SR stands for Social Responsibility. The range of SR is wide. SR includes environment, quality, safety, human rights and information security. SR is the main bone of Management .

History from Environment to SR


The ISO of SR is ISO26000.

ISO26000 includes...

ISO26000 is designed to help sustainable development of the world.

Actions of SR are accountability, observance, etc. Targets of SR are human rights, the environment, customers ,etc.

The effects of ISO26000

Many companies may lose their purpose of management because they cannot find the relationhip between the action for the environment and the action for getting money. So the idea, that SR includes the environment, could be the large effect.

In many compnaies, Environment , Quality , human rights, etc are dealed with separately. But ISO26000 put those themes are parts of SR.

Difference from ISO9001 and ISO14001

The impact of ISO9001 and ISO14001 for companies was large. So the difference between those ISO and ISO26000 is often explained.

ISO9001 and ISO14001 are tools of SR.

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