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In the manufacturing industry, the word "standard" is often used.

Use of the word "standardization"

In the manufacturing industry, the term "standardization" can be broadly divided into two types. There are two types of data science methods and business rule making. They are used in completely different contexts.

Data science methods are about Standardization and Normalization, and are a kind of data processing method.

Business rules are sometimes called "standards," and the process of creating them is "standardization."

What follows on this page is a standard story as a rule of business.

Standards as external rules and standards as internal rules

Standards as business rules are further divided into two types. Standards as external rules and standards as internal rules.

Standards as internal rules, for example, "work procedure manuals" are a type of standard.

Standards as internal rules may also be based on standards as external rules. For example, internal standards are created for product inspection methods, and the measurement methods are sometimes determined as standards. In such a case, while making sure that the contents written in the standard match, we will add the necessary things with the unwritten contents.

Standards as external rules

Standards are important in the areas of environment and quality. There are international standards such as ISO and Japanese standards such as JIS. A quick search reveals a variety of things covered in the environment and quality pages of this site.

Certainly, if the screw standard is fixed, it will be possible to substitute screws from company B for the screws originally made by company A, which is of great social significance.

There are several reasons why standards are important and counted as one of the company's strategies.


ISO is an international standard established by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Historically, ISO standards for things and test methods are old.

System standards are also increasing. In the case of ISO for management systems, the object of certification is the organization. "ISO certification" seen in company PR means "We are recognized as an organization that complies with international rules."

Standards as company rules

If there is a standard as an external rule, we may create an internal standard to enforce it internally. It is a tool for SR (CSR) and Corporate Governance.

How to use standards as internal rules

tandards as internal rules have uses other than conforming to external rules.

Difficult points of standards as internal rules

Standards are necessary and have benefits, but they are not all good. It may be one of the focal points of Digital Transformation (DX).

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