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ESG and Corporate Governance

ESG is an abbreviation for Environment, Society, and Governance. These three are not in the same line, but "government for the environment and society" is the content.

The G part of the ESG is also known as "corporate governance." Corporate governance may be associated with E or S, or it may be spoken alone.

Corporate governance

It seems that corporate governance was originally an activity to determine the ideal form of shareholders and the board of directors in a company with the aim of improving corporate profits.

It's not that we didn't think about stakeholders other than shareholders and directors, but it's a historical trend that this has also become more important from the perspective of corporate governance. It seems that.

The background of the author and the field of corporate governance are quite different, but it seems that Data Management is a link, so I think it has a lot to do with it.


ESG often has the meaning of "governance for coexistence with the sustainable development of the environment and society."

The point is not only the part of the business model that is directly necessary to generate profits, but also the good relationship with the surroundings and whether the Business Model itself leads to the sustainable development of the environment and society. It has become.

Environmental management

Historically, the ESG literature may describe CSR as a precursor to ESG .

It seems that "environmental management" does not appear in ESG literature, but "environmental management" is also a management theory that was discussed prior to ESG.

Environmental management has been considered by asking, "How do companies deal with environmental problems?" Quality for Environment , environmental efficiency , environmental management system , etc. have become a hot topic.

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