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Corporate Value

What does change the corporate value? Financial affairs, reputations and corporate culture are the factors of coporate value. Some people evaluate only financial affairs as corporate value. Weights of those factors depend on the people.

CSR and Marketing 3.0 will be put on heavier weight as the factors of corporate value.


In USA, "Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MB)" was made to promote the way to get good quality products.

This award is made with the thought that
"If the quality of the company becomes good, the quality of products becomes good. Then the company makes much profit."
So the criterions of this award reflect the thought. I write about this background in Corporate Value and TQM .

The company, that wants to get the prize, studies the criterions of the prize. Then it get good quality productions by actions along the criterions.

In Japan, similar prize was made.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for "Strength", "Weakness", "Opportunity" and "Threat". This analysis uses four indexes.

Triple Bottom Line

Triple Bottom Line (TBL)is a suggestion, "Take the balance of economy, environment and society." Society is ethics here.

Top line of a financial report is sales volume. We often watches top line only as the corpolate value. I think, sales volume is the result of other factors and we should take care of TBL.

Visionary Company

Visionary Company (VC) is the company that keeps succeeding over the ages. James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras collected eight conditions to visionary company.

The most important condition of VC is "Keep basic philosophy and stimulate progresses".

Nikkei PRIZM

Nikkei PRIZM is an evaluation of corporate value.

It collect the result of Questionnaire by Factor Analysis and Regression Analysis .

Balance Score Card

Balance Score Card (BSC) is an evaluation of business. It is studied in Management Accounting .

The factors of BSC are "financial affairs", "costomers", "education and growth" and "process".


Most refferences are introduced in Japanese page .

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