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Marketing is the field to decide "What we make?", "How the product is recieved by costomers?".

Maketing is the field to practice what Environment studies and Environmental Economics say. Marketing is important for CSR .

Quality studies argues the quality for customers. So it may consider customers. But it does not consider deeply because quality studies is the field of engineers. Marketing is important because quality is decided from the needs of customers.

What is Marketing?

In marketing strategy, design , sales, pricing, distribution are included.

When we study "marketing", we often study the case of large company of "B to C" business. People not in such company need another studies of marketing.

Marketing 3.0

"Marketing 3.0" is new concept of marketing. It was proposed by P.Kotler.

*Marketing 1.0 : Focus on production
*Marketing 2.0 : Focus on customers
*Marketing 3.0 : Focus on human being

"Marketing 3.0" suggests that customers are people who live with the company. The compnay proposes the story of life that customers join. And the company supports causes (vision) of people.

The idea of marketing 3.0 is useful to develop CSR and Sustainable Society .

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