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Roughly speaking, peple in charge of marketing think that, "Customers look at the brand when they buy productions. They do not look at quality." Quality is important to build good brand. But customers do not look at.

"Brand" is a value of the productions.

The point of the strategy to sell productions is how customers have good image of our brand.

Brand Strategy and Coporate Value

Brand of the company itself is more important than the that of specific production. To raise the corporate brand has some correlation with to raise Corporate Value .

I think, companies have believed that "We should raise the value of our productions". But now, the values of the company itself are watched by stakeholders.

Brand Strategy and CSR

"Brand" is a keyword when the company considers that " CSR is an important factor of management." The activities of CSR may raise the brand.

The activity of CSR is often thought as charitable works and voluntary works. Some people believe that brand strategy is such activity.

But the CSR activity related to the main work of the company also raise the brand. And I belive that this is the true CSR activity.

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