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Business flow

In the manufacturing industry, activities to reduce quality variations are important. Statistics are often useful because of "variation", such as SPC (statistical process control) .

By the way, in the manufacturing industry, activities to increase productivity are also important. Of these, we sometimes pay attention to "variation" such as "variation in work", but the work flow and mechanism are the fundamental part.

A business flow is a diagram that shows the business flow and structure.

Meaning of creating a business flow

The flow of work in the company is extremely complicated, and even if only the person in charge knows, or even if he knows the part he is in charge of, what is his input and why is the output destination? You may not know much if you are there.

By creating a business flow, you can visualize the current situation. In addition, standardization can be promoted by creating a business flow .

Business flow type

There are several types of business flow.

Business connected by arrows

The simplest one. PDPC, a new QC 7 tool , is a member of this group.

What divides the line by department or person

When goods and information are passed within a company, the flow of time goes from top to bottom, and the differences between departments and people are expressed by horizontal differences. It makes it easier to understand how the organization works.

Even within the same department, if there is a flow between the person in charge and the person in charge, it may be further subdivided.

Clearly fill in inputs and outputs

Sometimes it is good to clarify the contents of the arrow, such as the blueprint and material being the input and the output being the product.

Business flow analysis

There are two points to focus on to find problems and improvements from the workflow.

Pay attention to the movement of arrows and the contents of inputs and outputs

It may be an improvement if there are many exchanges between the two departments.

Pay attention to time

An analysis performed by the IE method , PERT , and Theory of Constraints .

If each process proceeds in the same time, there will be no problem even if work comes in one after another, but if there is a part that takes time even in one place, the overall speed will be decided by that part. increase. Finding this part is the goal of the analysis.

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