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Decision Making

"Decision-Making" is a popular word. It is used as a general word and a term.

"Decision-Making" is one of the study field of Management . It is for managers. This site explains mathematical and psychological techniques. Most of them are for the management in the office , but for the politics and the daily life.

Data science helps decision making

Many books of decision making are composed of "The importance of decision making" and "Useful data science tools (especially, mathematical tools)". Kinds of tools are depended on the sense and ability of each author.

Old books deal mainly with Operations Reserch or statistical tools. Recently, " Risk " is a keyword.

Purpose of using data science

When one of the data science tools is decided as a rule, it leads objective conclusion.

And leading a number by the tool is powerful visualization.

This is the reason that many people introduce data science tools for decision making.

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