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Management Engineering

Management Engineering is the applied mathematics for Management . It is the next step of Operations Reserch .

Many management theories use easy mathematics, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Management Engineering introduces more difficult mathematics, calculus and matrix.

Management Engineering includes useful Data Science tools. For example, Quality Control , Industrial Engineering , System Engineering , Theory Of Constraints , Profitability Analysis and Management Accounting .

Operations Research

Operations research is also called "OR". Originally it is developed in military purposes. Then it is used in private use.

It puts mathematical models for various subjects. Then it find solution by the models. This process is the strong point of OR.

The models of OR are used in the fields of Management Engineering and Decision Making . If the strong point of OR is also used, these fields will develop well.

Method of Operations Research

The methods of OR are divided into determinism and probabilism. Popular methods for determinism are "Linear Programming" and " PERT ". And those for probabilism is Queue (Waiting Line).

Linear Programming is popular method of Mathematical Programming .

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