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Industrial Engineering

In this site "Industrial Engineering" is the method that related to the quality and quantity of manufacturing. Industrial Engineering is the method to improve the ability of manufacturing and the facility management.

Quality Study contains the method to deal with quality of products directly, but Industrial Engineering is not directly.

Design of Facility

Manufacturing companies buy facilities to product. So they are not only makers but also customers.

The quality of facility affects the quality of products.

Quality Engineering and Reliability Engineering are good at to solve problems of quality relate to the use of customers. For example, "Process FMEA" is the FMEA to analyze the process. Process is the combination of facilities.

History of Industrial Engineering

IE-method is developed from 18th century.

Toyota Production System and Theory Of Constraints are from 20th century.

Industrial Engineering is useful to Quality Control

There are three points of Industrial Engineering that effect quality of products. So Industrial Engineering is useful to Quality Control .

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