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Theory of Constraints

"Theory of Constraints" is also called "TOC"

Theory of Constraints is a set of tools, " "Theory of Constraints", "Thinking Process" and "Throughput Accounting".

Theory of Constraints

When people marches, the speed of people is not faster than the speed of slowest one. So if the slowest one's speed is faster, the speed of whole people become faster. TOC defines the lowest one is a constraint. And it uses the theory of march as a theory of factories.

TOC watches the constraint and improves the constraints to improve whole process.

The slowest process is the easiest example of constraints. Customs and plans of the company could be also constraints. The first step of TOC is to find constraints in the company from various views.

The idea of "Theory of Constraints" is similar to Critical path of PERT .

Total Optimization

We often hear that "Parcial optimization will be bad. We should do total optimization." But total optimization is not so easy, because we must solve complicated balances of the system.

TOC is an approach of total optimization.

Thinking Process

Thinking Process (TP) is a guide of reasoning. TP is a set of tools and hints There is a tool smilar to Why-why analysis .

One of the hints is for the case that there are two people having opposite opinions. TP tells that the conflict dissolves by finding preconditions of those two and dissolving them.