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Quality Engineering

The purpose of Quality Engineering (QE) is to get stable quality. The basis of QE was built by Genichi Taguchi. QE is often called "Taguchi Method".

The name of QE includes wide area of engineering but QE itself does not cover wide area. One of the reasons is the definition of quality in QE. In many cases, "quality" of quality engineering means "reproducibility". The other is the condition of mathematics of QE. In the limited conditions, QE is useful.

I do not know the book that explains the condition enough. So many readers believe that QE is useful for everything of quality problems. My plan is to explain mathematical conditions in this site as much as I can.

In many books, mathematics and ideals are confused. That is the other reason of the error. My plan is to classify mathematics and ideals.

System of Quality Engineering

QE has three main parts. Those parts have different purposes and methods.

The Minimum of Quality Engineering

In this site, information of QE is large volume. The minimum knowledge for starters are below.

Parameter Design

Process Control by QE

MT System

To Study Quality Engineering

It is useful to understand other studies for quality to learn QE.

Almost all terms of QE is difficult to understand. I do not use such terms as much as I can. But if we read references of QE we cannot avoid such terms. I made the page " Words " to study QE.

The name, Quality Engineering

In Japan, "Quality Engineering" is that G.Taguchi made. In this site, the name, "Quality Engineering" means G.Taguchi's studies.

"Quality Engineering" oversea (out of Japan) has more general view.

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