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MT System

"MT System" is the name of the Multi-Variable Analysis made by Quality engineering .

We need to analyze data in the factory (process data), as a feedback of Parameter Design .


For "MT System", "M" is of Mahalanobis' Distance. "T" is of Genichi TAGUCHI.

"System" means "Total process to solve problems" at first. Now, "System" means "A set of methods".

We do not always use "M" in MT system methods because T Method does not use the Mahalanobis' distance.

Role of MT System

MT System is introduced as a method to analyze the data of Quality and Pattern Recognition in Quality Engineering .

Each method of MT System is similar to Multi-Variable Analysis .

MT Method

Some people uses Selection of variance using the design of experiments in the analysis of MT method.

But MT method is not the method of Simulation or Parameter Design .

MT Method

MT method is the first tool of MT system tools.

In my experience similar methods of MT method and different approach of MT method (e.g. T Method ) are not useful. MT method may be only successful tool in MT system tools.

Strong Tool for Process Analysis

The success of MT method is that it explains abnormality in quality by the mathematical model. The idea of Unit Space is a break through.

Such idea is useful in Process Analysis for Abnormal Condition .

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