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"T-Method" of Quality Engineering

This page is a memorandum of my idea.
The knowledge of this page was not put in Quality Engineering of this site.

"T" of "T-method" means G.Taguchi. But "T-method" is not "Taguchi method". "T-method" is a part of "Taguchi method".

T-method is one of Multi-Variable Analysis. In quality engineering, it is a tool of MT System.

The Idea of T-Method

Main idea of T-Method is making the function,
Y = A1' * X1 + A2' * X2 + +++ +An' * Xn ---(1).

Ai' = Ai / (sum of Ai) ---(2)
The weight, "Ai", is the dynamic SN ratio . And the dynamic SN ratio is calculated by the single linear regression function
Y = ai * Xi ---(3).

So the function (1) does not have the infomation of the relationship among X.

My Conclusion for T Method

If I want to make the function,
Y = A1' * X1 + A2' * X2 + +++ +An' * Xn
I should use Multi-Regression Analysis. T method is invalid.

If I want to compare the importance of factors, correlation coefficient between Y and Xi is more useful than T method.

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