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Process Control of Quality Engineering

Process control methods made by quality engineering is called "on-line quality engineering".

It is made of the evaluation of the cost and theory of control.

Evaluation of the Cost

Quality engineering wants to calculate the cost that is caused by the unevenness of products.

Loss Function

QE used a quadratic function to find a the best point of the balance between the cost and quality.

The function is called "Loss Function". The idea of "Loss Function" is not peculiar to QE. It is also used in economics.

Probability of the Approach of Quality Engineering

It seems that evaluation of the cost is not succeeded. The difficulty is same to that of social cost . Social cost is studied in environmental economics , but good solution is not made.

The idea of quality engineering has difficulty. But Mr. Taguchi may be a pioneer of quality for environment .

Theory of Control.

Quality engineering introduces statistical process control and the action of feedback.

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