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Toyota Production System

Toyota Production System is called TPS.

Arrange Flow

Kanban System is famous as the methods of TPS. Most of TPS method and thinking is for arranging prompt, precise, cheap and easy flow.

Make Standard

The rate of product shoud not have uneveness.

The unevenness is the amount of production per time and operation of people.

Remove Loss

Loss prevents the good flow. So it should be removed.


Kanban is famous as the method for Inventory Control . But it also used as the tool to career information rapidly.

Autonomous System

In TPS, each part moves under each rule. But it makes effects more than the sum of each movement. TPS is Self Organization .

By TPS, operators are motivated and problems are solved promptly.

Strong point of TOYOTA

Many companies hopes to imitate TPS methods. The strong point of TOYOTA is not the user TPS but developper of TPS.

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