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Management System

Management System is needed to manage environment, quality and risk.

Management System is the system of business and check-points. This system is different from the system in System Engineering .

Total Standard of Management System

The standard is similar to ISO of Quality Management and Environmental Management.

Quality, Environment and Risk are the view point of management. There are standards of each management system. If management systems are made for each management system, it is not efficient.

Software of the computer are constructed with operating system and application. It is good that the standard of management system is constructed like software.

ISO9001 and ISO14001

ISO of quality management is ISO9001. ISO of environmental management is ISO14001. Those ISO define the factors needed to get the certification.

There are common factors in ISO9001 and ISO14001. For example, document keeping, establishment of the target, inspection, communication, management review, etc.


ISO of energy management is ISO50001. Most part of ISO50001 is same to ISO14001. The volume of analysis and evaluation of energy is larger.


ISO of risk management is ISO31000.

Often we have a bad image for the word "risk". But ISO31000 defines the risk as effects from uncertainness.

Not only the analysis of risk but also analyis around the risk is important.


JISQ2001 is the Japanese standard of Risk Management .

JISQ2001 is similar to ISO14001. It includes the action for the case when the incident happens. But ISO31000 does not include.

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