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Risk Management

Management risk is considered widely because the company is always with various risks. If the preparation for an emergency is important, it is called "crisis management".

"Risk Management" is needed in various risks. In this page "Risk Management" is for risk of management in the company.

The Standard of risk management is ISO31000 .

Reliability engineering is used to find risk and to decide priority of action.

Two Part of Risk Management

Risk management has two parts, "for normal condition" and "for abnormal (emergency) condition". Abnormal condition is that when the accident we thought risk realizes. This division is similar to Process Analysis for Reasoning .

For Normal Condition

For Abnormal Condition

Rules for abnormal condition should be decided on the normal condition.


Risk happens as provability. So we cannot predict the occurrence for each person.

But for many people, we predict the number of people that have the occurrence. Insurance use this property of risk.

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