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I believe trash is one of the biggest environmental problems. I know there is watching system using IT.

I made this page because I read some books about trash. I learned the size of the company related to trash is different between Japan and USA. Japanese companies are smaller.


3R is the methods for problems of trash.

3R is from Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This order is priority order.


Recycle is done eagerly. But there are opposite opinions. For example, these opinions are "Recycle needs more resources than to make original matter." and "It is difficult to guarantee the recycled products."

The priority order of recycle is third. But people tend to recycle at first. This is also a problem.

Zero Emission

Zero Emission is an activity to reduce trash.

It is natural that getting something from the nature and getting out something to the nature. Any activities do not be done without trash.

So Zero Emission is ideal.

But there are reports that "Zero Emission is accomplished." These reports are made to define the range of trash to act.

Environmental Economics studies the ideal way to dump trash with the concept of entropy .

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