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Trades of Crops

The problems of trades of crops are often said "Declining the agriculture of our country" and "The crisis of safety foods" because of low prices.

But from the view of environmental problems , trades of crops have problems. These problems are difficult because the effect of bad actions occur a few years after. And the people making factors are not blamed now.


The shortage of water is a big problem in many places in the world. But as delicious water or liquor, much water goes to Japan where water is rich.

Environmental Problems Related to the Soil

There seems to be two problems related to the soil.


The import of crops is the import of water and nourishment. The balance of water and nourishment in the world goes bad. This is a complex problem.

The water problem is that the import means making deserts. The nourishment problems are that the import robs the power to grow crops. On the other hand, the ground and the Sea of Japan have too much nourishment.

The price of crops may not include the cost to solve problems above.

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