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Environmental Laws

Environmental laws are various.
There are two types. One of them is to encourage environmental conservation. The other is to regulate effects of environment by human activities. I believe, we cannot solve Environmental Problems, without any environmental laws.

Laws are changed when society changes. I cannot follow new laws timely and systematically. I wrote some points in this page like memorandum.

Standards are not laws. But laws and standards have similar aspects.
I do not know whether Memory Based Reasoning is used in environmental laws or not, but it deals with laws.

Laws in Japan

Laws are related to Licenses . Public licenses are made by laws.

Basic Environment Law


PRTR stands for Pollutant Release and Transfer Register. Producers must report their quantities of chemical substances.

Laws in the World

Environmental laws in EU are the boldest and the most difficult. Other countries go behind. Laws below are laws in EU. But all companies related to EU cannot avoid it.


Registration of chemical production.


Prohibition of chemical production

EU prohibited using 6 materials for electric equipments. 6 materials are lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBBs and PBDEs.

But some special equipments are admitted to use 6 materials because alternative materials are difficult to be found.

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