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Regional Revitalization

Regional revitalization is needed not only rural areas but also urban areas.

The old mthod of regional revitalzation is to build leisure areas and to invite factories. But these methods are factors to damage landscape .

New method is to preserve the historical and cultural landscape, to make regional brand.

Two Standpoints for Regional Revitalization

I try to classify the standpoints for regional revitalization. This classiffication may be useful to study the approach the problems of revitalization.


Location is important. If the condition becomes bad, they go out the area. It is like animals

Manufactureres and retailers have such standpoints.


I think most Japanese people do not like go out the area easily. The large reason is that relationship with deep history among the people "Kizuna" is important for them.

This standpoint is like botanies. Agriculture has such stand point.

Vegetables being Grown up in the Neighborhood

I think that healty and delicious vegetables are grown up in the neighborhood.

I lived in a large city when I was a child. So I did not know the power of such vegetables. I understood the truth when I live in provincial areas.

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