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Fuudo Technology

Fuudo technology is built by Seizo TAKEBAYAHSI in 1990s.

"Fuudo" is a Japanese word. "Fuu" means the wind. "Do" means the soil.

"Fuudo" means local property of the place. Fuudo technology thinks the property like the human identity. Fuudo and people have something like heart to heart communication.

Fuudo technology thinks that "environment" and people do not have such communication. So "fuudo" is an upper concept of "environment".

Civil engineering designs the study of bridges, harbors, dams and so on. Fuudo technology designs not only them but also the fuudo around them.

Environmental assessment ( HEP ) assesses the economical value of the environment. And the output is used to decide the extent of the damage. But fuudo technology does not go such output. Fuudo technology designs constructions to be a symbol of new history for the area. In this way, even if the construction is not useful directly for the area, it is useful as a tool of regional revitalization .

"Fuudo" in fudo technology is the favorites of S TAKEBAYASHI. Fuudo technology may be useful out of Japan, if generalizaion of concepts and localization to each area are done. (This is same to the theme of pattern language .

Methods to Analyze Fuudo


Teaching of Buddhism

S TAKEBAYASHI also studied the system of the studies of Environment . So he uses the teaching Buddhism as hints to live.

Four Windows Analysis

To analyze local identity (property of the area), data is divided into the people who know the area well and does not know. And it divided into "know" or "not know". By this way, there are four view points.

Sensitivity Engineering

Sensitivity engineering is used because fuudo is similar to the sense of people.

Design of Fuudo

Functions are designed by fuudo technology. This is the same to civil engineering and Environmental Engineering But it also design "beauty" and "name".

Design of Beauty

"Truth, goodness and beauty" are hoped for human being. In analogy, "usefulness, strength and beauty" are hoped for the construction. Fuudo technology considers the needs of constructions by this analogy.

We feel beauty for simpleness and laws.

Design of Name

Name is important to make people to love the construction.

Design of Culture

Fuudo technology also make new story of the area. And it publishes picture books to tell the story.

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