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"HEP" stands for "Habitat Evaluation Procedures". This method is considered as normal and quantitative.

Use numbers from "0" to "1" to measure the value of the natural habitat. Measurement is done with qualitative and quantitative view.


Mitigation is a priority number to act.
"Evasion" --> "Minimization" --> "Amendment" --> "Reduction" --> "Compensation"

"Compensation" is the last way. But people may think compensation at first because compensation is only the way to be taken another place.


Compensation is the way to make "same" environment in another place.

I do not understand the validity of compensation in the long run. In the compensation plan, people aims to protecet rare species and preferable species. It may be a pitfall.


No-Net-Loss is the idea used in compensation.

Can the environment be expressed by sum of something?


Net-Gain is the idea to increase the "Net" of the environment. It is the developed idea of No-Net-Loss.

If No-Net-Loss is possible, Net-Gain may be possible.

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