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Environmental Assessment

To prevent environmental problems, evaluation of effects before action is important.

There are various "Environmental Assessment". I try to collect them totally in this site.

Classification of Environmental Assessment

Classification is done by size.

Large 1 : Public Works

Public works make residential lands, roads and dams. And the environment is changed on a large scale. In Japan, environmental assessment is needed by the law.

HEP and Feng shui are methods in this classification.

Large 2 : Risk of Chemical Substances

The evaluation of risk of chemical substances is done for each substance on the scale of the earth.

REACH is the law that requests the evaluation.

Middle : Management of Factories

ISO14001 requests the research of " the environmental impact". In many cases, FMEA -like method is used.

Small : Products

LCA is the method for products. This evaluation is strongly related to Quality for Environment .

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