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Feng Shui

"Feng shui" of Chinese characters is "wind and water".

Feng shui is the method to decide the place of a house and a graveyard originally. We read how to do from the shape of the view. And we read the flow of a dragon vein from mountains and rivers. Feng shui is the method to read landscape (the environment).

Yin-yang and wu xing theory and Feng shui

There are two kinds of feng shui. One reads the shape of the land. The other uses Yin-Yang and Wu Xing .

Feng shui for environmental conservation

Feng shui teaches people that, "If there is not a tree on the place where trees should be, put a tree there." Feng shui admits people to change the natural environment. It has an image of ideal environment.

Feng shui is made to explain land in China. What is global feng shui should be ?

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