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Yin-Yang and Wu Xing

"Yin-yang and wu xing" is used in various fields. I write this theory below as the knowledge from ancient times.

This theory is the addition of "yin-yang theory" and "wu xing theory".

Wu Xing

"Wu xing" is also translated into "five elements theory" and "five phases theory".

Five is wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In the beginning, the five elements were important materials in daily life.

Four elements theory is "All materials consist of four elements." But wu xing is not the theory, "All materials consist of five elements." And five elements in wu xing are not indicated real elements.

Five elements are attributes. In other words, meta knowledge . Wu xing is the theory, "There are five kinds of attributes in things. And those attributes have one by one relationship each other.

Earth King Theory

In earth king theory, the level of earth is higher than that of other elements.

By this theory, wu xing can be used for multiple of two.

Yin-Yang Theory

Yin and yang are not real things. Yin and yang are attribution to consider both sides of things.

Yin-Yang and Wu Xing

In yin-yang and wu xing, water and metal are yin. Wood and fire are yan. Earth is middle. This idea is similar to earth king theory.

In practical use, some people use yin-yang theory and wu-xing theory separately in case by case.

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