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Environmental Thought

When we call "environmental thought", this thought is mainly from the West.

Thoughts in the East

In this site, I introduce Yin-Yang and Wu Xing and Feng shui . Those are thoughts in the East.

In many cases, when someone explains the thought in the East, it is related to the traditional concept of,
"the nature vs. human".
But this transition is changing because deep ecology tries to remove the classification between the nature and human.

"Deep ecology" is Western thought. But it tries to stand over the border between the nature and human.

Thoughts of Celt

Celt is a local culture in the area in Ireland and its around.

Often Western thoughts are opposite of Eastern. But the concept of Celt has similar point of Eastern because it has the concept of transmigration of souls.

Environmental Ethics

Environmental ethics is a model as answers for "How we think about the Environment?" and "How we act?"

In the page of Environment and Quality , I write the target of Data Science in this site. The concept of "good for another people including people in the future" is also said in the field of the environmental ethics.

Insistences of Environmental Ethics

Some people believe that these insistences is everlasting truths.

Environmental Thoughts and Environmental Ethics

I think that Environmental ethics made by the people who wants to put some environmental thoughts as a standard for all people to decide international agreement.

I doubt that such ethics go well because I think diversity of thoughts is important.

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