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Oriental Medicine

We are now in an age where the effects of acupuncture points and herbal medicines are publicly recognized.

Oriental medicine applies its theories not only to the human body, but also to understanding the natural world. Also, the theory deals with the whole body rather than one symptom or one part of the body. Such an approach is different from the so-called scientific approach, in which analysis (classification and decomposition) is carried out thoroughly and only the separated parts are looked at.

In my case, I'm not a strong person to begin with, so I've been trying various things to improve my constitution. This page is based on those experiences. This page is only a summary of my personal understanding.


When I say "qi", the image I saw in manga immediately comes to mind, so I feel like "a mass of energy that hits the other person", but in oriental medicine, "qi" is actually treated. .

I don't really understand what it really is, but the expression "something like energy" seems to be the closest.

Meridians and acupuncture points

Meridians are spread out like a network structure in the body. Acupuncture points are points of access to meridians at their termination and intermediate points. Acupuncture targets the points directly.

Yoga has several aspects, one of which seems to be the effect of activating the meridians by flexing and stretching the meridians. It also seems to have an indirect stimulus effect.

Herbal medicine

Western medicine continues to develop new drugs. "New medicines for new diseases".

I think that oriental medicine is to treat human ailments that have not changed since then, but rather than the idea of ??"developing something new", we still value the recipes that our predecessors discovered empirically. I'm here.

"I don't know why it works, but it works."

How to proceed with oriental medicine

Oriental medicine first examines qi, blood, and water. Then, decide on the "proof". "Proof" refers to a medical condition or symptom. And when the testimony is decided, the cure is decided.

Oriental medicine treatment is the adjustment of balance and flow. I use the theory about the relationship of things, such as the theory of yin and yang and the five elements . It weakens what is too strong and compensates for what is weak. If the flow is clogged, it can be stimulated and removed.

Care for the heart with oriental medicine

Oriental medicine is often talked about physical disorders, but mental problems such as stress are not irrelevant. Concerning mental problems, Oriental medicine does not investigate "what are you thinking and how are you thinking?" like psychotherapy . By improving your physical condition, you will have a positive feeling and a state of mind where stress will not become stressful.

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