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Urban Planning

Urban planning has been thought as a method to build large city on large vacant lands. But many cities build having such history are not active now.

We need the method to revitalize the cities and build the sustainable society .

Relationship between the Environmental Problems and the Cities

The city is not natural environment but artificial environment. Artificial environment cannot be kept without natural resources.

"The city" is a good target to solve the environmental problems because electricity, gas, water and waste systems are usually made by the unit of the city. When we put cities as a target to act, relationship between human and the nature is clear.

Pattern for Design

Pattern is the situation of the view. It is also called "Pattern Language". Patterns are factors of the landscape and factors of the processes to design landscape. It is said that design with pattern lead good effect. Patterns are also points to evaluate the landscape.

Patterns and Meaning

Many Data Science methods cannot analyze meanings. Analysts have to consider meanings. Design by patterns has given meanings. It has not only design sheet but context. Pattern language is precious method to handle subject.

Small Experiment

"Small Experiment" is one of the pattern languages. It proposes the small size experiment to estimate the influence of large change of landscape.

Mathematics for the city

The theory of competition using Game Theory in the ecological study is used in economics. I think separation and crowds' theory in Mathematical Biology are also good to study the city.

Compact City

Compact city is introduced as a sustainable city. The effect of compact is that increasing the effect to conserve the nature by separating the area, and increasing of economics, distance effect, enough to live without cars.


Conversion is to change the way of the building. Conversion is traditional method in Europe, There are many earthquakes in Japan. So Japanese conversion need to be arranged.

Conversion is similar to the concepts of reuse of products. But "re" is not in the concept of conversion. Conversion changes the use.

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