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Sensitivity Engineering

Sensitivity engineering measures the sense and then design. It is said that, without request, we can invent useful products.

Sensitivity engineering studies the sense of the people and use the knowledge to design new products.

The famous example of this engineering is for the consumer products. But it is also to be used for everything people make. Fuudo technology uses sensitivity engineering method for the design of civil engineering.

Beliefs of the Sensitivity Engineering

Sensitivity engineering believes that "Sensitive products = well-sold products".

Some people believe that "There are no needs because we make what matches people's sense. Customers don't need to know needs of them."


It analyzes data to study what people want to get. Generally designers do not have such data.

It might be not in the "high level" sensitivity engineering, sensitivity engineering deals with static phenomena and it does not deal with the background and history of the sense. For example, if we get the information that "slowly" is wanted by people, we do not know that the information is true after a year and that what is the case the "slowly" is wanted.

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