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When we use large size of data, we need database.

Relational Database

Relational database (RDB) stores a set of data tables.

The System of RDB

Relational database also has a function to relate those tables. That is the reason of "relational".

For example, if there are tables, "car name, size, maker" and "car name, user age", then we can make new table "car name, maker, user age". And get the information of the relation between maker and user name.

If we store a table "car name, size, maker, user age", adding new item is not easy.

As a DB for Data Analysis

Many methods of Multi-Variable Analysis and Data Mining use matrix-data (rows and columns data) as a taget to analyze.

So RDB is useful to keep these data efficiently.

More Database

The space where there are sets of data is "database". The skills of Data Literacy help us to use various type of "database".

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