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Artificial Intelligence

I call "Artificial Intelligence (AI)" here as tools that help us to think. Data Science methods, espetially Data Mining and Simulation , uses AI as a main logic of calculation.

And the study of AI is the study of human mind. It is needed for the fields, Environment , Quality , Risk and Management .

Contents of Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Psychology is needed as a bridge of human beings and computers. In the relationship, words are important. Ontology is a method to deal with words or this use.

System of Artificial Intelligence

Expert System

Expert systems lead non-experts to think like experts. It is made by knowledge of experts. The knowledge is "if- then rule". The name of this system is not popular. But help-function in PC is one of examples.


"Agent" is also called "multi-agent" or "agent system". It takes action by itself.

Natural-Computing, Soft-Computing and Bio-mimicry

The study of nature is used as methods of computing to move softly. These methods are called "Natural-Computing" and "Soft-Computing".

In these fields, there are not only studies of living things (Artificial Intelligence and Eco System ) but also the studies of natural phenomena ( Chaos , Complex Systems , Simulated Annealing , etc).

The method imitating the functions of creartures is called "Bio-mimicry".

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