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In physics and mathematics, Chaos is phenomenon that seems to be random but have easy rules to move.

Simulation is often used to predict the future. But chaos is a phenomena that is not predict. The themes of chaos are "Why prediction is difficult?", "What is the principles?", "What is the formulation?", "How we utilize these phenomena for technologies?"

"Chaos" is classified in dynamic system. Chaos is included also in Complex Systems . Famous example is double pendulum and the weather forecat.

Chaos appears as phenomenon of some kinds of non-linear formulation. The difference of non-linear formulation is an important study of chaos.

The word, "Chaos", looks like a word of SF (scientific fantasy). But it is a term.

Vector Field

It is difficult to find easy solution of non-linear formulation. So we study the property of non-linear formulaion visually with vector fields.

Vector fields are figures arrows of vectors are drawn. The vector is made by a direction and a incline of each point.

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