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Concept Analysis and Ontology

Both Concept Analysis and Ontology use "Concepts" and "Words". They use "Words as concepts" and "Concepts in the words".
Concepts are not Words.
But they look equal sometimes.

Concept Analysis

It seems that
"Concept analysis is to clear the meaning and relationship of words".
It is a qualitative analysis.

Concept analysis is the process to understand the real by words. Concept analysis is defining process.

Practical reasoning methods on the above may be methods to train concept analysis skill.

Graphs of Concept Analysis

Concept analysis will go better if we use graphs. The graph has a network structure.

Such graph is used in System Thinking , Seven QC Tools and Path Analysis (Graphical Modeling) .

Value Analysis

Value Analysis is the method of Value Engineering. It defines the product by words.


Ontology is called "dictionary of concept". Words are put on a stratified structure.

For example, "car" has lower level concepts, "sedan", "truck" and "van".

Necessity of Ontology

Ontorogy is a technology of web and Artificial Intelligence . And it should be used in Reasoning and Value Engineering .

In Reasoning and Value Engineering, there is a method to cover all factors of phenomena by words. as an objective evaluation. But evaluation of words is done subjective sense. So it is difficult to keep objective views.

It is good that these methods uses ontology.

Mathematics, Logic and Cognitive science

If we use same reasoning method, answers often different by people. Mathematics, Logic and Cognitive science are needed to help this difficulty. For example, Memory Based Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence , Bayesian Network , Heuristics

Classification of Reasoning

There are four methods, deduction, induction, thinking and analogy.


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