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Quality Way of Making Hypothesis

There are many quality ways of making hypothesis . Reasoning and Seven QC Tools and New Seven QC Tools are used.

Why-why Analysis

Why-why Analysis is the method to find the true reason by repeating "Why". We look for the reasons of reasons. "Why" helps us to link our knowledge and experience to the phenomena smoothly.

5 times is one of the standard of the repeat number of "Why".

System Thinking

System Thinking is the basic tool of System Dynamics. It appears the relation of phenomena by graphs.

Cause-and-Effect Diagram and Mind-Mapping

Cause-and-Effect Diagram (in other words "fish bone") in Seven QC tools use tree mapping for reasoning.

I think, Mind Mapping is similar to Cause-and-Effect Diagram. The difference is the sense of art.

Beyond the Limit of Quality Way

The content of analysis strongly relies on knowledge and experience of the analyst.

Some people believes that the person can make hypothesis if the person knows the use of methods. I think it is not true.

Reasoning uses knowledge and experience of people as bases or hints to consider.

It means that methods of reasoning are not useful if we do not have such knowledge and experience. It is the limit of reasoning.

But, in these days, we have the methods to get new knowledge and experience that no one have. One of these methods is Data Mining . Making Hypothesis has changed.

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