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System Dynamics

System Dynamics (SD) models phenomena with "Stock", "Flow", "Convertor" and " Connector". The model is a differential equation with feedback.

SD predicts natural phenomena and social phenomena with the knowledge of easy mathematics.

MIT gives good texts in web site. You may find the site with keywords , "system dynamics road maps".

The way of System Dynamics

Input rules among "Stock", "Flow" and "Convertor". (This process is similar to " Path Analysis ".) Then computer output the result.

Exclusive software is needed when you take trial and error many times or take complicated calculation. But you may try without such software if you learn computing differential equations ( Differential Equation Model ) because mathematics of SD is not so difficult.

Characteristics of System Dynamics

I wrote characteristics of SD to get image.

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking ('ST') is a modeling method. It is a part of SD.
ST is used as Reasoning apart from SD.

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