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Single Regression Analysis

If Y is one and X is one, the Regression Analysis is called "single regression analysis"

If X variables are more than two, it is called " Multi-Regression Analysis ".


By regression analysis, we can study the number of A and B. And we can study the relation between Y and X and the
Y = A * X + B.

Least square is the famous way to get the formulation.

How to understand the conclusion

Analysis of Slope and Intercept

analysis of bottom

A is called the slope. B is caaled the the intercept.

We study the relation between X and Y as the set of A and B.

In the analysis of energy and costs, B means the bottom line. The way to reduce A and B is the efficient improvement.

Correlation Coefficient

We evaluate fitting with correlation coefficient. Coefficient of determination is square of correlation coefficient. And coefficient of determination is often expressed with percentage.

For the case Y is Probability Data

Regression analysis of probability data After log( y /(1-y))

If Y is the probability data, general regression analysis does not work well. The regeression line does not show the character of probability data. The straight is not good.

By the change, log( y / (1-y))
as the new y and we use it for regression analysis, we may get a good output.

If Y is 0 or 1, for example, we should use 0.0000000001 or 0.99999999999 as the Y. The change may work well.

If you know the change, it is easier to learn Logistic Regression Analysis .

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