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QFD (Quality Function Deployment)

The view for products of engineers and customers are different. For example, if a customer wants "cool design car", engineers study the best shape, color, materials and so on. If requests of customers are many, the fact that engineers have to consider is many, and the relation of the fact between the customer and the engineer is not one on one.

Such relation is difficult to be expressed by sentences. So QFD uses Matrix Diagram . Points of intersection of the diagram express the strength of the relation. This diagram prevents the discord of engineers and customers.

QFD is a method of quality-assurance and product-planning. In other words, QFD is a method to realize customer-satisfaction and market-in.

Job Function Deployment

Image of QFD

The basis of QFD is the matrix diagram between the view of customers and engineers.

The view of engineers is "spec". The engineers have to decide the process, condition and so on to realize the spec.

In this step, matrix-diagram is useful. This method is a part of QFD. It is called "Job Function Deployment".

QFD spreads from the method of the quality of products to the method to express the relation between various facts in the company by the matrix-diagram.

Application of QFD

Problem Solving

The matrix-diagram tells us the problems of technology that our company has. We may use TRIZ or Taguchi Method to solve them.

Statistical Approach

Using the matrix-diagram, we study the factors in Design of Experiments . And we study the positioning-analysis with Principal Component Analysis .

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