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Mingei (Works for daily use)

"Mingei" was a movement from 1926 in Japan. Muneyoshi YANAGI was a key person.

"Min" means public. "Gei" means arts. Mingei movement tried to evaluate works for daily use.

Failure of Mingei Movement

Once the work is evaluated as an excellent, the work and the maker become popular. And the price goes up. It means that the mingei movement changes the mingei into the art.

Some artist made arts imitating "mingei". And the collection of mingei of Yanagi includes arts. These phenomena were cause of criticism for mingei.

Recently, "Mingei" has other meanings like "Handmade products", "Souvenir" and so on.

Mingei movement proposed the new view point of the world for upper-class people. But this approach went the strange effect.

Sustainable Society by Mingei

As a view point of Regional Revitalization and Design , "mingei" is interesting.

Today, in flea markets and festivals, I meet lovely and wonderful products. The movement of "mingei" realizes in these places.

"Global" is a key word today. But we want to feel happy in the private area of each of us. "Mingei" may be a hint for such times.

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