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Histgram is one of the Graphs of 1-Dimension Disribution .


Histgram shows the density of the data.

1-Dimension Scatter Plot is not good to see high density area. Histgram covers the weakness of scatter plot. The two graphs below use same data.
1-Dimension Scatter Plot Histogram


Histogram does not show the low density area clearly. So histgram is not good to find outlier . 1-Dimension Scatter Plot and Box Plot covers this weakness. The two graphs below use same data.
Histogram Box Plot

To Use Histgram

The way to define sections of histgram has some points.

Some text books say that the difference between maximum and minimum is separated equally. In the right figure, maximum is 18.174, mimimum is 2.426

The weakpoint is this method is that it is difficult to use because very small place is used. And we cannot count the NG productions by this diagram because the NG line is not on the border.

I often use the other figure.

Separation is done by large numbers. And NG line is put on the border.

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