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Affinity Diagram and Brain Storming

Brainstorming is used as a way to generate a lot of ideas.

It can also be used to organize the concepts and words that appear in these diagrams when you start to create diagrams such as Fishbone diagram (Cause-and-Effect Diagram) , Association Diagram , and Tree Diagram and get stuck.

If you keep brainstorming, opinions and words will feel disjointed. The diagram created by dividing them into groups is called an "affinity diagram". Affinity diagram is one of the new QC 7 tools .
Affinity Diagram and Brain Storming

Brainstorming methods and rules

In brainstorming, quantity is more important than quality, and ideas are generated more and more. It's okay to be similar or duplicate. I'm going to organize my head and increase my ideas while putting out the quantity.

Ideas are sorted out after the brainstorming is over.

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