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Software of Graphical Statics

There are many softwares for Graphical Statics . Some of there in Softwares of Data Science .

In 2003, I used graphs of R at first time. But I did not keep the use because ot was poor for my analysis.

Minitab, JMP and JUSE-Statworks were useful software for my analysis. But they are not free.

Recently, graph functions in R and Python are rich. And I use them for my real analysis. They are free.

There many references for R and Python. But I could not find the references similar to my analysis way. So I made them in my web sites.

Kinds of Software

Pre-processing of Data

If we use the software of Graphical Statics, table type data is the start point. It is same to the case of Multi-Variable Analysis . The output of the analysis depends on the table.

Data Edit is important for this process.

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