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Non-Developed Wide Area of Data Science

In the news for general people, "Big Data", "IoT", "Data Scientist", "M to M", "Deep Learning", "AI" and so on are famous.

When we compare these words by the types of data, we find that there is non-developed wide are in the field of Data Science .

Ways to Use Data

Sensor Data Analysis is used in two ways.

One is the way to use as "signal" for control .

The other is the way to use after changed. The non-developed wide area is for this way.

Process of the Changde for Data Analysis

The process of example is the figure. It is to analyze the relationship between weather and money.

Weather data is every hour data. Money data is every day data. We cannot analyze the relationship by these raw data.

Process of data analysis

Types of Data

In Sensor Data Analysis , I wrote teh types of data. This approach is same to the data of this page.
Process of data analysis

Relationship Between Recent Words and Process of Data Analysis

The target of "Big Data", "IoT", "Sensor Data", "M to M" and "Data Lake" is for type 1 data.

The target of " Statistics ", " Data Mining ", " Machine Learning ", " Artificial Intelligence ", "Data Scientist". is for type 3 data. Of course, we can use these methods for the type 1 data (raw data). But there are limits in this apptroach.
Process of data analysis

I call "Non-Developed Wide Area of Data Science" for the are between type 1 and 3.

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