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Softwares of Data Science

The selection of the software of Data Science changes for what we want to do.

Statistics, Multi-Variable Analysis and Data Mining

There are 3 types for Statistics , Multi-Variable Analysis and Data Mining .

Type to Choose Menues

This type is similar to MS-Word and MS-Excel.

This type is useful for Cause and Effect Analysis .

Free software : Weka Explorer, R Commander and Natto

Type of Blocks

Each block is each process for data. We make the flow diagram of data analysis.

This type is useful to do same process for many times.

Free software : RapidMiner, Knime, Orange, Weka KnowledgeFlow
The page, Difference of Output by Methods , was made by RapidMiner.

Type of Commands

This type is not easy for daily use because we need to study many commands.

Free software : R and Python

Many people make the tools of R. So we can try many methods easily.

R and Python are not only the data analysis software but also programming languages. They are used as the engine of other software. And they are used one of the algorithm of systems. If we want to make systems using Machine Learning , this type is used.

Type of App

It is the newest type of software.

Shiny is famous. R-EDA1 is also a type of this.

Multi Software

I often use Excel for data analysis. In many cases, I do not use other software.

Excel is used as Database, Data Literacy, Statistics, Simulation, visualization, and reporting. For the Linking different source data , Excel is useful. Other software is used to help Excel.

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